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Technical capacities

Manufacturing process

Process consists of the following steps

Technical preparation of production

Optitex, Investronica – pattern making systems

  • Basic pattern development
  • Pattern grading
  • Automated nesting solution - markers

Digitizing handmade paper patterns to the computer and further pattern processing

Vector plotter for cutting paper patterns.

Printing plotter for fashion patterns and marker printing


Automatic fabric cutter

It cuts any type of fabric in layers up to a compressed height of 4 centimeters, ensuring the accuracy of the cut parts for proper sewing of high quality.

Fixation machine

Quality clothing reinforcement parts with interlining is an important basis for the overall look of jackets.

Production lines and machines

Production lines are equipped with various types of industrial sewing machines. They have compressed air distribution, steam system distribution and steam extraction.

200 single needle machines

20 double needle machines

Automatic pocket welting sewing machine

30 overlock machines

Automat for flaps

Button-shank wrapping machine

10 Bar tack sewing machines

8 Buttonhole sewing machines

Taped seams machines

Ensuring seams waterproofness

Coverlock machine

Columbia stitching

Pneumatic button machine press

Imitation of hand stitching

10 head embroidery machine

Each sewing operation has a barcode and runs daily collection operations carried out on the product

Heat Transfer Press Machine

Ironing and packaging


Ironing takes place at the Italian line MACPI with programmable presses for processing materials of various compositions and weights.

Final packaging of products

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